AboutUs About Us We specialize in and offer multidisciplinary
treatments for your chronic pain since 2001.

Toronto Poly Clinic is a pain clinic with responsibility in mind. We believe in a Multidisciplinary philosophy of pain management. We specialize in Chronic Pain and its effects on the human body. Our goal is to formulate a treatment plan to bring lasting relief to our patients. The purpose of this multidisciplinary program is to improve both the physical and psychological effects of pain.

With a multidisciplinary approach we can get closer to correct diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Pain. Physical, Psychological, and Medical science can be used for diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Pain.

Once we combine these sciences and their treatment modalities, we may be able to help pain patients better. Toronto Poly Clinic, with branches in North York, Downtown Toronto, Vaughan and Thornhill, is providing multidisciplinary pain management to pain patients.

Steps of what happens when you are referred to us by your doctor!

Pay attention to you

You will be seen first by a medical doctor who is credentialed in pain practice. The interview consists of going over your complaints, your pain history along with the rest of your medical history. They will review your diagnosis tests and the treatments you have had so far. The pain practitioner will make sure you are heard; upon being examined they will update your tests and diagnosis assessment. Finally, taking all factors into account, will your proper diagnosis be verified and a plan for treatment is arranged.

Medication therapy

Our pain practitioner will review your current medication, and prescribe the appropriate medication for your pain syndrome. This medication will be gradually adjusted to your needs based on the effects and side effects.

Physical therapy

There are many active and passive modalities present in our clinic. A doctor of Chiropractics or a Physiotherapist will evaluate your physical condition, review treatments you have had in the past, and provide a customized active or passive rehabilitation plan. Among the treatments provided in our rehabilitation department are Low Level Laser, Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Heat and Cold Treatments and Acupuncture both conventional and laser guided.

Psychological evaluation and therapy

Therapy are based on individual and group settings. Our Psychology doctor will address the psychological aspect of your pain syndrome. Pain can affect your mood, thoughts, sleep and energy level, which can all damage your life significantly. We deal with all facets of your chronic pain.

Interventional Pain Management

Nerve Block Injections, Ganglion Blocks, Trigger Point injections, Botox injections, Epidural Steroid Injections, Ligament strengthening or Prolotherapy are among the group of injection treatments we use for pain management. The idea is to reduce and interrupt the constant pain message being sent to the brain. This constant pain message going to the brain through thousands of open gates, which normally would be closed, is the basis of chronic pain. We try to reverse this process of chronic pain by the use of injections.

We advocate positive reinforcements and coping skills, pain management education and life style adjustments, nutritional consultations and alternative medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy consultations are available for appropriate use.