Taking an Integrated Approach

Rather than relying on popular public approaches, a comprehensive health and wellness assessment package offered by Toronto Poly Clinic will unlock the underlying secret and roots of your eating behaviour and mindset based on your unique brain function, metabolic biomarkers, food habits and current state of health and fitness, and lifestyle. It can be customized to your genetic factors (optional), taste preferences and lifestyle.

The two-session assessment package costs $299.00 with the option of an additional $199.00 for genetic assessment.

The initial visit will be done with a physician, registered dietician and nurse. Follow up visits will be conducted by the dietician and nutrition expert.

Easy Step Process

1- Make your appointment at Toronto Poly Clinic (416) 250-7171

2- Receive your comprehensive blood test prerequisite from our physician

3- Collect pain free saliva sample (optional for Nutrigenomix test)

4- Receive the information package to study on your convenience

5- Make your follow-up appointment to receive a comprehensive assessment session

6- If you are interested to learn more, you can join our exclusive 12 week science-based weight loss program to achieve sustained weight loss and enhanced mental health and wellness

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