Chronic pain can have an impact on many aspects of life. Our comprehensive pain management program allows our team of specialist to identify and provide treatment to target not only the cause of the pain, but also the many symptoms that result from the initial injury.

At Toronto Poly Clinic, we not only have a full team of specialized physicians from various medical backgrounds, but we also offer a number in-house services such as image-guided injection therapy, medication therapy, motor vehicle accident assessments, physiotherapy, medication management, platelet rich plasma therapy, medicinal cannabis, wellness and weight loss programs and mindfulness all with the common goal of helping to manage our patient’s chronic pain.

Acute pain is a natural symptom that warns patients about an injury or a condition that is causing the pain. However, when the pain continues for more than 3-6 months, it becomes chronic. Chronic pain is a syndrome that happens because of a series of changes in nervous system. These changes have a wide range of presentations that create an illness. Many chronic pain patients suffer from lack of energy, problems with their sleep, mood problems like anxiety and depression and other related symptoms. The combination of these symptoms changes a person’s ability to work, do self-care, housekeeping and other mundane daily activities. Due to the complex nature of this illness only a comprehensive approach to treatment can be helpful.

We have different disciplines of treatments. Each of them is designed to help with one group of conditions, like physical therapy or psychological treatments. Evidence shows that the combination of these treatments along with patient education about their own health and wellness can achieve a better outcome.