Medical pain management is medical evaluation and treatment of chronic pain without use of procedures. Many physical, natural and pharmacological treatments may be used in medical treatment of pain.

Many classes of medications are used for medical management of pain. Anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, opioids, Cannabinoids, medical cannabis and health supplements are examples of different tools used in medical management. Often doctors combine different classes of these medications to achieve the desired effects. A properly trained physician can guide you on the need, proper use and safety of these medications. Many medications like opioids can help managing your pain if properly used or can cause issues like dependency or addiction if used inappropriately. Each year thousand of patients lose their lives because of overdoses with opioids or other medications. Proper education is essential for both doctors and patients to benefit from these treatments while limiting their risks. Toronto Poly Clinic provides free patient education for patients through blog.

Medical pain management is where science and the art of medicine combine. Each patient is different. Toronto Poly Clinic physicians are trained in patient centered care and function focused pain management.

You will have free of charge visits at our clinics to learn about your diagnosis, treatment plan, different treatment choices, medications, medical cannabis if you are a candidate, interventional pain management, physical and psychological therapies, meditation, nutrition, and exercise.

Patient education will improve the outcome of your treatments.