Pain is a sensory experience that is perceived by our brain cortex. All pain signals that come from anywhere in our body before reaching the brain cortex have to pass through the centre of brain. The central part of brain is the place for our emotional memories and our fight or flight reactions in response to life stress mistaken by brain as dangers. If this emotional center becomes full of memories of emotional trauma and stress, it will either make the pain signals stronger or it can even generate pain signals. Once these intensified signals reach the higher parts of brain they will be perceived as strong pain. This is the function of the nerve circuits of brain that have shaped in response to emotional stress or trauma during all life stages. This is why we call this Neuroplastic pain. This is a very common condition, and it cannot be treated by the conventional pain management strategies. Pain Reprocessing Therapy is a special treatment for neuroplastic pain. Dr Kevin ROD has extensive training in Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) and provides this treatment at Toronto Poly Clinic.