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Mindfulness Teaching

To compliment the medical procedures of our mutidisciplinary pain management program, Dr. Kevin Rod, our medical director, advocates mental wellness for the treatment of pain. Pain is an intangible health condition and is manifested in numerous ways. Mental health is arguably the most important component to ones overall well-being.

Mindfulness teaches patients how to use practical meditation skills they can apply to everyday life thus achieving an overall relaxed state of being. Mindfulness is rapidly supported by evidenced base medicine. It is about coming back to the present moment with intention and full attention, here and now. It helps overcome feelings of past regrets and future worries.

A life with chronic pain is anything but easy. There is however, a technique that is often overlooked because of the utter simplicity of it. It is not a miracle cure. It is not an invasive procedure. It is not a pill. It is mindfulness.

Mindfulness allows us to look at the pain, not as something to fear, but as something to explore and understand. It is learning rather than suffering. We often tend to judge our pain by its severity or intensity. This causes our minds to quickly race through the various ways we can remedy the pain, leading to frustration and negative thoughts.

Below you will find some mindfulness exercises for beginners. Do not be discouraged if your focus is scattered at first. You will get better in time.