Miraqell Wellness Assessment

Comprehensive eating behavior and health assessment for a personalized nutrition

Assess your eating behavior and health

Receive personalized nutritional recommendations

This package includes:

  • Comprehensive genetic (DNA) test
  • Brain type assessment
  • Brain health assessment
  • Biometric & anthropometric biomarkers assessment
  • Dietitian consultation
  • Personalized nutritional recommendations

Choose foods that are healthy for you

A personalized diet can reduce inflammation in your body; resulting in reduced feeling of fatigue, enhanced immune system, better pain tolerance, and improved blood biomarkers e.g. blood glucose and cholesterol, as well as improved mood, memory, and brain function which overall can promote healthier lifestyle. 

A Healthy Brain, A healthy Life

Wheather you want to lose weight or you just want to eat healthier, our integrated wellness approach helps you achioeve your wellness goals through eating trigger awareness, self-monitoring, and stress reduction. Some nutrients and relaxation techniques can influence your thoughts, emotions, and your mental imagery about food consumption.

Brain health matters as much as your appearance!

  • Identify your brain type, brain habits and your genetics
  • Obtain optimal brain and memory functions through nutrients
  • Be aware of eating triggers 
  • Distinguish “Desire of Eating” from “Hunger” 
  • Limit overeating and cravings by mindfulness techniques and satiety hormonal responses

Your wellness journey starts with awareness.

Using state of the art genetic testing procedures, your DNA is analyzed and your personlized report would inform you about how your genes could influence weight management, body composition, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, eating habits, fitness performance, and injury risk.

Rather than relying on commercialized approaches to diet, this package will provide you with personalized tools and skills to wellness, eating habits and lifestyle changes that can reframe and your mindset and improve your wellbeing.

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