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Dr. Peyvand Ashtarani


Dr. Ashtarani is a family physician and has had a comprehensive family practice for many years. He practices full-time interventional pain management, as well as emergency medicine at the moment. Dr. Ashtarani practices in various emergency departments, chronic pain management clinics and has a strong connection with Family Medicine.

Dr. Ashtarani is an active learner and continues to move forward by providing the best treatments to his patients. He has written the article that describes the 7 Most Common Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Conditions.


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Dr. Ashtarani earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Tehran University and completed his residency training in family medicine at Western University in London. He practiced as a dedicated family physician in Tehran, gaining invaluable experience in various healthcare settings before moving to Canada. In Canada, Dr. Ashtarani worked across Ontario, gaining experience as a medical assistant at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, a research coordinator at Scarborough Health Network/Centenary Hospital, and as a medical attendant at Ambutrans Medical Services and Transportation. After completing his residency training at the South Huron Hospital, Dr. Ashtarani started his comprehensive family practice. His commitment extended beyond family medicine, and he began practicing rural emergency medicine and chronic pain management in Toronto. 

He continues to serve the community, addressing the complex needs of patients dealing with chronic pain. Dr. Ashtarani’s journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a deep-rooted passion for healing. His impact on patients’ lives continues to grow, making him an integral part of our team.