Post COVID-19 Community Care Program

On the onset of a 2nd wave of COVID, TPC will continue to
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Community Care Program
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Receive care safely in your home
Services we offer include:
– Chronic Pain Consultations
– Counselling & Psychotherapy
– Physiotherapy Assessment & Education
– Wellness and Self Management

Post COVID-19 Community Care Program

Ask your physician to fax over a referral to: (416) 250-0323
For information contact us at:
(416) 250-7171
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Welcome to Toronto Poly Clinic

Toronto Poly Clinic employs a multidisciplinary philosophy to our pain management programs. Chronic pain is not just a symptom, but an affliction that affects every aspect of an individual’s life. We focus on the person’s whole wellness by providing multiple disciplines of leading medical treatments. Our patients condition are central to our physician’s treatment plans because our goal is to ensure everyone who walks through our door achieves the highest quality of life possible.

Patient First

We value our patients’ health and well-being above all else. We hold a commitment to ethics in our medical practices and always put the safety of our patients first.

Good Healthcare

Our mission is to deliver quality healthcare by working alongside our expert physicians and strategic partners. All individual experiences and knowledge bases come together to construct a multidisciplinary approach against pain.

Latest Research

TPC is a pioneer in different research projects with focus on pain management. Our affiliation with leading scientific institutions help build for better service to our patients.

Secured Patient Data

Your privacy is our primary concern. We value and safeguard your data using encryption technology and we do not share your data with anyone.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Kevin Rod – MD, CCFP, DAAPM, DCAPM

Medical Director

Dr. Sunny Sandhu – MD FRCP

Anesthesiologist – Director of Interventional Pain Management Services

Dr. Alan Shievitz

Investigative Coroner, Focused Practice in Chronic Pain

Our Medical Team

Meet our team of expert physicians in chronic pain management who will assist you in your recovery.

All Our Doctors

Our Services

Comprehensive Pain Management

Chronic pain is an illness that affects the whole person and all aspects of their life. We believe in multidisciplinary comprehensive care addressing multiple physical, emotional, psychological and social aspects of the whole person’s care.

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Post-COVID Program

Our multi-specialty team of internal medicine, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, pain management, psychotherapy, pain medicine, physical therapy, and patient educators are here to help your patients with Post Covid Syndrome.

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Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management is an important pillar of our multidisciplinary pain management program. Different injections and procedures are used in this group of treatments for pain management.

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Joint Pain Program

A comprehensive interdisciplinary program for patients suffering from arthritic or post-traumatic joint pain.

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Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care

For our Physiotherapy and Chiropractic services, our aim is to collaborate with our patients to customize a treatment and care plan that is specific to their needs. Our team of registered therapists specialize in a number of passive and active treatments for a variety of conditions.

We provide customized treatments and therapies catered to your condition.

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Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis can be a helpful tool for management of pain and other common health conditions that usually accompany pain like depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Since 2015 we have treated thousands of patients with different medical conditions who have benefitted from medical cannabis as part of our large observational study and opioid reduction policy.

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Platelet Rich
Plasma Therapy

Platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for stimulating tissue generation and repair. PRP is now used for many joints, ligaments and tendon injuries. It’s commonly used after sport injuries and degenerative conditions.

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Mindfulness Teaching

Teaching patients how to use practical meditation skills that they can apply to everyday life for achieving an overall relaxed state of being. Mindfulness is more and more being supported by evidenced base medicine. It is about coming back to the present moment with intention and full attention, here and now. It helps felling relieved from the past regrets and future worries.

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Personal Injury Assessment

We assist patients who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident or work related injuries for their injury assessments. After any injury, a proper professional and objective assessment is essential for identifying all of the injuries a parson might have. Our physicians are experienced in providing personal injury assessments.

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