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Dr. Kevin Rod


Dr. Kevin Rod established Toronto Poly Clinic as a multidisciplinary pain management center in 2001. He is a certified Family Physician with focused practice in Chronic pain management. He is credentialed in Chronic pain by the Canadian and American Academies of Pain Management. 

Dr. Rod promotes the concept of Mind Body Medicine. He believes by elevating the baseline of physical and mental health we can improve medical conditions. Dr. Rod says: “Being a doctor is to have a degree, being a physician is to have a profession, but being a conduit for healing is a purpose worth living for.”



Clinic Availability

Dr. Kevin Rod is a Family Physician with focused practice in Chronic Pain. He is director of Toronto Poly Clinic Multi-disciplinary pain management clinics. He is a Lecturer with the University of Toronto DFCM as a clinical teacher. He acts as Medical Investigator, Peer and Facility Assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Dr. Rod has received Awards of Excellence from University of Toronto DFCM FMLE in 2013 and the Ontario College of Family Physicians in 2008. He is a guest course contributor to Harvard Medical School department of Continuing Education. Dr. Rod has special research interest in applications of HIFU in chronic pain and neurosurgery. He works on a joint research program with Ryerson University for invention of new medical devices with HIFU applications. Dr. Rod has established community educational organizations for senior’s health and education: SENIOLAND, and Community Oriented Health Advisory Network: COHAN.
Received Certificate of Recognition on behalf of the Prime Minister of Canada in 2014 for teaching activities and contribution to Canada’s Pluralism.

Founder of ZENDOSE platform for Mental Wellness. Author: Mind-Body Temple: A self directed Approach to Managing Chronic Pain and Elevating your life.
Founder of MCORP: Medical Cannabis Opioid Reduction Program 

Mindfulness Teaching

Dr. Kevin Rod has been actively promoting and encouraging meditation for many years. He was inspired to write about the many aspects of pain and it sources, and how to manage pain on a daily basis. He has written extensively on how the mind can be your most powerful tool in overcoming daily obstacles thus helping you to be proactive in your attitude to tackle your pain mentally and spiritually.

Dr. Rod’s insight into the various methods and management of chronic pain is personal because he is a pain patient himself. This condition propelled him to create a space called to illustrate various ways to recognize, manage and overcome this silent condition called: PAIN.

You can find his book “Mind-Body Temple” for sale on Amazon, or in person at our North York clinic.