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Toronto Poly Clinic
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Ali SekhavatiAli Sekhavati
18:14 28 Jul 22
great location and super friendly staff. Highly recommend this pain clinic.
Brian WhitenBrian Whiten
18:04 04 Jul 22
Hello Fellow Pain Sufferers,I have been attending the Toronto Pain Clinic since 2012 and they are my lifeline to a quality and productive lifestyle since I was in a car accident and was left without a job and suffering from chronic pain.  They don't just treat your pain but educate you on how to live with the changes of life that we have all suffered.  Don't let pain decide what you can or can't do in any given day!  Get help from the Toronto Pain Clinic and feel comfortable in knowing that they are doing there very best to help you live a pain free life.  I have had the unique opportunity to get to know and meet several (almost all) of there Doctors and staff and every one of them are so pleasant and easy to deal with.  These guys really care about their patients and will do their very best to get you on a path of healing.  I have been through hell and back suffering from my pain and legal issues (to name a few) and I can honestly say that the Toronto Pain Clinic has been shoulder to shoulder with me throughout my struggles and I am very thankful for all of there help and expertise.  If you are on the fence about getting the help you need, don't be!  The Toronto Pain Clinic has your back.... literally!  The staff are so easy to deal with and so very helpful every step of the way.  The support staff never gets the credit that they deserve and please keep in mind that all of their patients are riddled with pain, which does affect all of our behaviors and attitudes.  Treat them all with the utmost respect and you will be rewarded with there help and expertise ten fold!  It's alot easier to keep your head held high when you have a staff and crew standing with you in solidarity in hopes to relieving you from your pain every step of the way!  They have made a positive impact on my life, and if given the chance, they will help you improve your life too by not letting the pain decide what we can and cannot do!  It's a no brainer, if you are in pain the Toronto Pain Clinic is your best resource to getting back on track for you and your family.Don't let Pain Decide,Brian Whiten
Shoshana BrohmanShoshana Brohman
18:50 09 Jun 22
Dr Rod has helped me so much I was in constant pain it was crippling and was a combination of therapy and so much care for the patients they are able to help. I will forever be grateful
Hirbod KHirbod K
16:40 10 Feb 22
New location was great. Very attentive and professional.
Daniella FDaniella F
16:12 10 Feb 22
I was really impressed with how nice the new location is! Great staff super friendly and great service.
Marcelo CastellanoMarcelo Castellano
14:28 05 Nov 21
Amazing place if you can get in here do it you will not regret it it is the best clinc I have ever been at doctors are Amazing
Debi WeinbergDebi Weinberg
20:24 17 May 21
Had an appointment at specific time. Patient who had appoutment after me saw doctor before me. I asked reception why he went first and was told Dr. Lam takes who ever shows up first. Why bother making a appointment!
Ika WashiIka Washi
17:28 08 May 21
I've been a patient at this location for over 3 years and I've had only great experiences with the staff and clinicians. They are always readily available to assist and have been helpful when I needed to see my physician immediately.
Aras F.Aras F.
16:32 05 May 21
Staff and service is excellent. Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Daniel MosesDaniel Moses
00:21 26 Mar 21
I've been to both of their locations and have been really happy with the result. Keep it up! 🙂
Cathy RossCathy Ross
14:08 09 Dec 19
If you live with chronic pain, this is the pain clinic to be referred to. There are many Doctors that you can be referred to by your family physician. You need only call the main office to find out which Doctor you should be referred to.My Doctor, Dr. Steve Blitzer is an amazing, empathetic and caring physician who has made it his life's work to help people like you & I manage our pain effectively.Whether it is by prescribing necessary pain medication or administering Marcaine Injections, his main goal is to help make your pain manageable so you are able to live with a better quality of life.The girls at the front desk, specifically Reagan and Grace, are very kind, considerate, caring & professional. They go out of their way to make sure your needs are met.I've never had any of the front office staff give me "attitude", be curt or rude to me. They are very respectful of the patients. They realize each patient is trying their best not to have their pain spill out of their mouth & into the waiting room in an emotional outburst. They do what they can to help you feel better, even if it's just getting you a cup of water.If you need to find a Clinic & Physicians who can help you manage the pain you live with, this is the place that specializes in Chronic Pain Management, so look no further!Have your family doctor send a referral to the clinic, or call the Toronto Poly Clinic to see which of the doctors on staff can best help you manage your pain.I have been going to the clinic for more than 7 years now and highly recommend these wonderful people @ Toronto Poly Clinic... you won't be sorry you had your doctor refer you to them! Be Well!